Resumen de la ponencia

Dr. E. Valstar

How to use data of more than 3000 RCT’s to treat cancer?


Go to . Take the Dutch translation of e.g. bladder cancer (blaaskanker) and search. You will find Zhuling, L. Casei and the Lamm-protocol (in Lamm et al). They all reduce the relapse rate in early bladder cancer. Only Zhuling gives a higher survival at long term. The PMID number helps you to read the relevant summary or even sometimes the article directly.

So you will find many substances for adjuvant therapy of NSCLC (= niet kleincellig longcarcinoom): especially Coriolus versicolor that gives a higher cure rate after radiation for stage 1 / stage 2.

In the case of advanced NSCLC melatonin, aloe vera, TCM, fish oil, astragalus and lactobaccilli are all relevant. Especially melatonin, TCM and astragalus help to prolong live. Fish oil helps to reduce side effects of cisplatin.

I give my protocol for advanced prostate cancer as well.

In total I have extracted 12 protocols. I give patients also promising substances that have not been tested in RCT’s.

You can extract more protocols from this list and ad your own RCT’s.