Dr. P. Ravasco

Paula Ravasco, MD, PhD, Nutritionist

Medical Doctor, Degree in Nutritional Sciences, Degree in Nutrition and Food Engineering. Master in Biomedical Sciences. PhD in Nutrition and Cancer
Professor of Nutrition and Clinical Research at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.
Coordinator of the Post-graduation Course in Nutrition and Cancer (collaboration Course between University Católica-Lisbon and various national and international universities). Medical doctor and clinician.
Principal Investigator research projects in the area of Nutrition, Food Science, Cancer, Clinical Nutrition, Metabolism, Quality of Life, Outcomes, disease modulation by nutrition/nutrients.
Medical member of the Educational and Clinical Practice Committee (ECPC) of ESPEN.
Author of 65 published, and 5 in press international original articles and of 18 in national journals, in a wide range of areas from basic to applied nutrition and medicine/oncology. Presented or was co-author of 200 scientific communications in international congresses and of 72 in national congresses.

Invited speaker in more than 130 national/international meetings or post-graduate courses. Recipient of 5 research grants and 10 national or international prizes in clinical research. Involved in various scientific activities since May 2001. Active member of professional societies of nutrition and of oncology.
Associate Editor of the Scientific Journals Clinical Nutrition (official Journal of ESPEN) and of Frontiers in Nutrition. Reviewer for 20 scientific journals in nutrition / medicine / oncology since 2003.