Dra. A. Dusso

Dr Dusso is currently a Senior Investigator of the Bone and Mineral Research Unit at the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, in Oviedo, Spain. Dr Dusso is a Suma Cum Laude graduate in Biochemistry from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina. After completion of her residency in Clinical Biochemistry in the Hospital Nacional del Centenario, she joined the Department of Biological Chemistry in the School of Medicine, where she obtained her Ph.D in Biochemistry in 1984, while working as an Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry for medical students. In 1985, she received a post-doctoral scholarship to join Dr. Slatopolsky’s laboratory in the Renal Division at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, USA, and progressed through the ranks to the position of Research Associate Professor she held until September 2010, when she transferred to the Institute of Biomedical Research at the University of Lleida in Lleida, Spain, where she contributed to extend vitamin D applications to human cancer.. She has published more than 130 peer reviewed articles, invited reviews and book chapters on her research work on vitamin D in kidney disease, including the molecular bases of the abnormalities in vitamin D metabolism and actions, on mechanisms for the selective actions of calcitriol analogs, on the pathogenesis of parathyroid hyperplasia and vitamin D resistance, and on the synergy between nutritional and active vitamin D in non-classical actions of relevance for renal, cardiovascular protection,  DNA repair to improve aging and cancer progression and the quality of life in cancer patients undergoing palliative care. Dr. Dusso has trained numerous USA and International Nephrology fellows in basic and translational research, directed under-graduate and Ph. D thesis work, and has been invited as a key note speaker to present an update on her research work to more than 70 International Conferences. She has also served as invited Faculty in post-graduate courses on Vitamin D for USA Endocrine fellows at Columbia University in New York, and in several under-graduate and post-doctoral courses in Argentina, Italy, and Spain. She serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Kidney International and of the panel of experts for the 2013 update of the KDIGO guidelines for clinical nephrology practice.